Get the Best Security with Safe Security Level 8

If you want the ultimate safe security, a Level 8 security safe is what you are looking for! Level 8 safes feature a thicker steel body, thicker door, gear-driven lock mechanism and thicker locking bars than Level 7 security safes. Our Level 8 top-rated-in-the-industry Presidential and the Liberty National Magnum are:

  • Built with a 1-5/16-inch Tough door
  • California DOJ Approved
  • Made with 7-gauge steel
  • Made with a ball-bearing hardplate lock guard
  • Manufactured with 1/2-inch thick steel locking bars
  • Protected by a GX-480/GX-540 Monster locking mechanism
  • UL-Listed as a UL 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC)

When only the best in security will do for you and your family!


Level 8 Security gun safes like the USA series feature UL security certifications. Founded in 1894, UL (Underwriters Laboratory) is an independent global safety certification company with strict quality, safety and security standards. All Liberty’s UL-rated safes have gone through rigorous testing before they can carry UL’s seal awarding them with an 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC) certification.

Thick 7-Gauge Steel

Security Level 8 gun safes are constructed with 7-gauge steel. This steel is .1793 inches (4.554mm) thick. It is the thickest and heaviest steel Liberty uses for our safes, weighing a whopping 7.5 pounds per square foot. When combined with 4 layers of fireboard for superior fire protection, both the Presidential and Magnum have a total body thickness of 2.6875".

Toughest and Thickest Door

Level 8 security safes feature a 1/16" -5/16" Tough Door. This door has a total thickness of 5.5-inches that includes a 1.25" composite door, 1/4-inch inner steel door plate and 4 layers of UL-rated fireboard.

The Best Locking Mechanism

Only Liberty’s best locking mechanism will do for Security Level 8 safe models. The GX-480/GX-540 Monster Mech features an over-center, gear-drive mechanism and is designed for Tough Door safes with 1-1/3 revolution turn. Our patent-pending slip-clutch mechanism comes standard with this Monster locking mechanism for added security.

Liberty’s Thickest Locking Bars

Depending on the size of the Presidential or Magnum gun safe, the total number of 4-inch wide steel military style locking bars will be between 12 to 18 bars. Security Level 8 safes have the added bonus of being the only safes Liberty sells with 1/2" thick bars; the thickest we use.

Innovative Strong Ball-Bearing Hardplate

Security Level 8 safes have an innovative ball-bearing hardplate just like Levels 5-7. While triple hardplate is a strong deterrent to keep thieves from drilling into a safe’s locking mechanism, the ball-bearing hardplate provides the ultimate protection.

Why? Because once a thief’s drill bit hits a ball-bearing, it will either snap or keep spinning instead of drilling through the steel.

If you want the ultimate in security, don’t settle for less than a Security Level 8 safe like the Presidential or Magnum.

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